Poopless Chicken Waterers

A friend from my permaculture book group asked me to send some pictures of my Poopless Chicken Waterers and it occurred to me that some others might not have seen this wonderful invention.


Three nipples on a milk jug in the Egg Plant

I first heard about it from Anna Hess at Walden Effect and I bought my nipples from her. I’ve noticed that she now also sells kits for anyone looking for a simple solution. I would highly recommend supporting another permie and buying your nipples/kits from her since this is how she makes her living. 

My chicks were very quick to learn to drink from the waterer. The older girls were a little slower but once one of them got the hang of it the others quickly followed her lead.

I have a second waterer in the outside run and a third heated waterer that I use in the winter. The winter waterer is a 5 gallon bucket inside a second bucket. The inside bucket is wrapped with heat tape to keep the water from freezing. I also have a roll of insulation to wrap around the whole shebang for those really cold nights. I am not terribly handy but Anna’s web site walked me through the building of the heated waterer step-by-step.


Chicken Waterer hanging in the Egg Plant


Heated Chicken Waterer


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