For Christmas 2012, Ron gave me this Garden Hive Kit

This starter 10 frame Hive Kit includes:
     1   Screened Bottom Board
     1   Deep Super (9 5/8″)
     10 Deep Frames, Wood w/beeswax coated plastic foundation
     1   Medium Super (6 5/8″)
     10 Medium Frames, Wood w/beeswax coated plastic foundation
     1   Inner Cover
     1   Outer Cover w/Telescoping Metal Top
I added this Top Feeder – 4 Gallon and the Beekeeper’s Tool Kit when I picked up my bees.

This shipments were delayed but in Jun 2013 I finally picked up my NUCs at The New Hampshire Honey Bee in Gilsum, NH. I brought them home and sprayed them with sugar water to keep them busy while I moved the frames into the hive.

March 11, 2014 50 degree day and bees took their cleansing flight

March 2014 I added the top feeder with a solution of sugar water (2:1) to keep them fed until the first nectar is available.

Apr 2014 met Richard Brewster, bee mentor, a Godsend.


To do:

Join Kearsarge Beekeepers Association – done
Join NH Beekeeper’s Association – done

around May 10th Reverse existing supers putting medium on bottom and rotate inner cover so that notch is in front (and RB recommends the notch be up although this is controversial)

Build a foundation – see notes from RB

May 13th Pickup used items from the Daigles and drop off for painting at RB

May 23, 2014 Bees and Bears