Latin name: Ranunculaceae clematis


Clematis unknown variety

Clematis unknown variety

  • Cameo Pink Hybridized by van Laeken; Year of Registration or Introduction: 1994
  •  and 1 unknown light pink with fuschia stamen (blooming 6/1/14-

Location: Front garden

Origin: native to Orient


  • Cameo Pink is an early bloomer pale pink or rose/mauve with single striped blooms
  • flowering vine that loves sweet soil (add 1 cup of lime per plant or Magic-Cal or 2 handfuls of wood ash every spring)
  • stalk twist around support
  • needs at least 6 hours of direct sun and good air circulation
  • water often and deep especially when flowering
  • shade soil around base with perennials in summer to keep roots cool and large upright cobblestone in winter to stabilize freezing and thawing
  • mulch with 2″ of bark mulch

Maintenance: Don’t prune heavily but remove dead or damaged wood. After 4-5 years, when there are fewer blooms, cut back older stems to 18″ in early Spring before there is new growth. Heavy feeder – try Bio-Tone with Mycorrhizae or Dr. Earth with Pro-biotic both Spring and Fall

Zone: USDA to zone 4a


Paul Parent’s newletter dated June 12, 2014


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