Apple Ashmeads Kernel on standard stock

Latin name: Malus spp.

Variety: Ashmeads Kernel on standard stock

Location: Vegetable garden

Origin: native to England in 1700


  • This dessert apple is of medium size, on average 83mm in diameter on vigorous rootstock and has a flat round shape. The base colour of the apple is greenish yellow, yet has a dull russet colour all over; sometimes there are brownish red stripes. When first cut open the flesh is white, then it soon develops a brown tint. Ashmead’s Kernel makes a good apple juice because of its sweet sharp flavour.
  • Produces an upright spreading tree, that generally crops well, though on exposed sites it can be irregular. It is a cultivar that is susceptible to bitter pit, and fire blight. The fruit is generally picked in late October for use between December and February.


Preparation: planted 4/12/15 amended soil with worm castings, 1 cup triple phosphate,  and 1 lb azomite. Spread 1 quart of soil from old Apple tree underneath.

Zone: 4-7




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