Moon Flower

Latin name:  Ipomoea alba


Moon Flower Vine

Moon Flower Vine

Location: 2016 Swing in Apple Guild (4/17/16 covered with plastic jug, and indoors) ; 2015 potted in Welcome Garden (on post 1 blossom October 1st) and Barn Maple (never bloomed)

Origin: North America


  • 6 – 15 feet tall.
  • Annual with poisonous seeds
  • Grow on trellis
  • Fragrant blooms open at dusk and close just after dawn
  • 112 days


  • Beneficial attractor – hummingbirds and nocturnal moths


  • Keep newly sown seeds moist
  • Water frequently

Preparation: Nick seeds or soak for 24 hours, started indoors 4/15/15


Sources: Hudson Valley Seed; Cornell University Library


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