American Hazel

Botanical nameCorylus americana


Location: Northern Nuttery

Origin: North America


  • 5-10 feet
  • grows well in dry sites


  • wildlife food
  • edible nuts (10-15 pounds/year from mature shrub)
  • windbreak


  • deer may browse
  • can spread slowly by suckering



Sources: NH State Forest NurseryUSDA;;


2 thoughts on “American Hazel

  1. I can just imagine you amboling through your property noticing a different plant each time and checking it in your guidebook to see what it is. It sounds like so much fun. Am I anywhere near what you actually do?

    • MJ, that was just what I was doing when I first moved here 2-1/2 years ago. Although, I didn’t have a guidebook but instead, used the Internet for my research. Now, I am planting new things and I am using this blog to document my actions and summarize my research.

      When I am out in the garden and consider making changes I ponder, “What would the previous stewards have done?” And even though I am not related to them by blood, I feel a connection and sometimes I hear them whisper, “Plan and plant for your great grandchildren. Watch Nature and mimic her.”

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