Emery Family Bible

file-sep-24-11-40-45-amIn 2015, I stumbled upon an Emery Family bible for sale on eBay. The bible was being sold by “Milkman” at Ridgecrest Farms in Wilton, Maine. When I received the bible, I was delighted to note the family records detailed the descendants of William and Ruth (Brown) Emery. William was born at the Old Emery Farm in 1779 either in this house or in the cabin that preceded it.  I have contacted the seller to see if he has any additional information about the history of the bible.

This Holy Bible was published in 1821 by Holbrook & Fessenden in Brattleborough, Vermont. It measures 12 inches tall, 11-1/2 inches wide, and 4-1/2 inches thick. There were quite a few papers tucked into the middle and the family records pages had been filled out with births from 1779 to 1925 and deaths from 1848 to 1908. There are also marriages listed from 1802-1925. (See family records transcription here). See family tree at Ancestry.com here.



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